Production & Print Room Print Solutions

At i2i Solutions, production print and catering to the technical needs of your print room is one of our strong-suits, something which we’re proud to have as a point of difference when compared to our competitors. 

The team here have years of experience dealing with nearly every print room scenario imaginable and, back-to-front, fundamental understanding of these beasts, not just within the amazing range of our technology partner’s production devices/solutions, but print room and production printing in general – as a result, we know the clever little ways to get you an absolute deal.

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Our team will help guide you through the process in its entirety from selection, financing and purchasing through to site inspections and helping get your evironment set up and secured for installation. Once you’re all ready to go, moving forward we’ll help set your service and consumables up in a way which makes things simple, set and forget – allowing you to focus on what matters: your business and print.

Take advantage of our thorough background in production/print room solutions today and ask the i2i team about how you can cut your business costs and streamline operations through our technology partners’ amazing range of base units and the vast array of options offered to help mould your solution into something customised, capable of catering to your every need across:

  • Large Format
  • Cutsheet
  • Continuous Feed
  • Software & Servers
  • CAD + More Technical Devices
  • Tank & Consumable innovations
  • Eco-friendly options
  • Mobile/WiFi options
  • High volume printing
  • Varying print speeds
imageRUNNER advanced DX 8705
imageRUNNER advanced DX 8705
  • Varying paper sizes: A3/A4/Banner etc
  • Photo quality printing
  • Faxing/Scanning
  • Portable print
  • Mono only devices for black & white only printing
  • Booklet makers
  • Binders
  • Stapling
  • SRA/SRA (Scalable Raster Architecture) Controllers

The malleability and customisable nature of these machines allows for the perfect balance between how quickly you can print, the efficiency of your workflow and business processes, the quality of your images, the versatility/capacity for what you can actually do/bring in house and, as a result, your total cost of ownership.

imageRUNNER advanced DX C357i

Take a look at the range of specialised Canon print room/production devices we’ve chosen to feature in our products section.

If you’re after a Kyocera device, have a specific Canon production model in mind, drop our team a line and we’ll gladly help steer you in the right direction.

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