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Canon uniFLOW

If you’ve taken the time to browse any of our listed Canon products on the website, you would also have seen multiple mentions of the award-winning uniFLOW within every listing – uniFLOW is Canon’s proprietary software powerhouse: a robust, integrated print and scan management solution that provides flexible, secure and scalable ways to manage how documents move throughout the business, at the same time optimising your fleet of printing devices. uniFLOW can be customised through a variety of components, depending on for example, the needs of the business and how you prioritise your cost control, information security, document capture or workforce mobility:

  • Cost control: Automatic deletion of unreleased print jobs, Implementing print policies e.g. setting duplex and black and white as default, Reroute print jobs from costly desktop printers to multifunctional devices or the print room, Allocation of costs to individual users, departments or projects, Reducing IT overheads by rolling out just one printer driver for your entire device fleet, Increase Security
  • Information security: Secure release of personal print jobs across multiple devices, Restricted access to device functionality for specific users, groups or departments, Automatic deletion of secure print jobs when a device error occurs, Receive alerts as soon as an information leak occurs including a complete content audit trail
  • Improved productivity: Reduced time spent inputting data at the multifunctional device when digitalising documents, Allowing users to print from any mobile device to any printer at any location, Users can release their print jobs at any printer

The list of uniFLOW solutions which our team here at i2i can help you choose and deploy consists of:

  • uniFLOW Online
  • uniFLOW Core
  • uniFLOW Services
  • uniFLOW Scanning
  • uniFLOW MEAP
  • uniFLOW Hardware
  • uniFLOW Public Sector/SMB/Education
  • Universal Login Manager

If that hasn’t convinced you to at least chat to us about this almighty solution suite, deployment of uniFLOW into your office environment will have immediate positive impacts through things such as waste reduction, enforcing print policies so documents are printed in black and white or duplex and the automatic deletion of print jobs if they are not released within a preset time – all helping you to generate an overall environmental strategy. This information can then all be integrated into your organisation’s sustainability report.

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