BLOG: The Office Workspace In Post-COVID Australia and Making The Most Of Lockdown.

All Australians are in some way currently at the mercy of the C-19 pandemic and, as we all know with these outbreaks by now, the official health advice typically leads us into unavoidable lockdowns. The frequency and length of these lockdowns obviously have an adverse effect on the vast majority of Aussie organisations ranging from retail to big business, with many losing their capacity to trade at all. For most of those lucky enough to be able to retain employment and an income stream, a return to the office environment is inevitable in spite of some sentiment and statements like the post-COVID world meaning the ‘end of the office’. While a post-COVID world will undoubtedly be different to that of a world from 2 years ago with a new-found focus on remote work flexibility and work condition malleability, the office workspace is very much still going to be a part of the day-to-day for the majority of our community workforce.

With this in mind, there’s no point in dwelling on our circumstances – there’s no better time than now to take advantage of a foot-traffic-free workplace and prepare your employees and organisational environment for peak productivity and minimal disruptions once business-as-usual resumes in the office. Why now you ask?

  • First and foremost, with lockdown resulting in significantly less/no people in the office and staff working remotely, during the installation and testing phases, there are no disruption to the capacity for work to be done and no effect on either your business processes or routines.
  • This also opens up the options available for any potential error checking/fixing, testing and expands the available time-frame required to navigate this part of the process, prior to your solution going live to employees.
  • Any issues that may arise are also likely to not be classed as mission critical, since remote working operations should already be in effect.
  • With the nature of the workplace changing, this presents the perfect opportunity for you to evolve your technological strategy accordingly with your organisation’s updated back to work strategy once lockdown ends and we have a handle on the pandemic.
  • System and process overhauls show your staff the organisation’s capacity for adaptability, dedication to an efficient workplace and that you’re serious about the future and subsequent organisational growth through staff returning to a more productive, malleable, secure and optimised workplace.
  • With COVID currently in full effect across the country, less human interaction in office means a reduced likelihood for cross-contamination. Our delivery teams are categorised as essential workers, meaning there is no negative impact on our delivery and installation process – our technicians are adequately trained, prepared and equipped for installing your brand new MFD/print solution into any office environment, with the current climate and all necessary precautions and regulations being adhered to – all we need is access!

To help make this process as seamless and niggle-free as possible, i2i’s experienced, professional delivery and installation technician partners can deploy your chosen solution with a contact-free approach – all we need outside of your networking information is to obtain access to your premises (which includes for site inspections prior to delivery of production machines). Our delivery and installation teams come armed with decades of experience in MFD and office solution deployment and in-depth, technical knowledge of our devices and set-up procedures – as an essential service, they have also evolved with the times to include all the proper measures required to successfully and safely deploy a variety of solutions into offices of all sizes during the C-19 pandemic.


MFDs are not just a way to streamline the everyday, but also a gateway to document management – there are a myriad of benefits that come bundled with the deployment of an i2i print solution into your office environment, in preparation for that inevitable return to the workplace. Speak to our team today about a custom solution which factors in your specific workplace requirements, allowing you to make the most out of said benefits such as: 

  • 💲 Cost Efficiency: Speaking generally, long-term usage and maintenance costs are lower with multifunction devices and naturally, managing one machine reduces maintenance and supply costs when compared to multiple devices. Multifunction devices reduce the overall cost of paper, ink cartridges, and other consumables over the course of their lifespan (high-yield replacement ink cartridges provide lower-cost printing overall) and rather than purchasing toner/ink/paper and individual maintenance agreements for multiple devices, supplies and services come bundled into a single monthly fee, whether this be for usage only or with integrated rental factored in. Today’s MFDs have tighter, more advanced integrated security and make it easier and easier to digitize documents and convert them into other useful digital formats while technology has enabled devices to automate when they function, saving you money on power and helping leave a smaller carbon footprint. Improved print environment control means businesses are no longer underestimating their printing costs quite as dramatically and spending so much on resources (time/money/effort) unnecessarily.
  • Productivity: The first things to spring to mind when talking about the productivity benefits of an MFD is the insane print/scan/copy speeds and warm-up times of your modern device when compared to older generation and store-bought desktop printers – this one is self-explanatory, the less time spent waiting on your functions to complete, the more time spent on work items which matter! To further help save on time and effort, an MFD allows you to consolidate all your office functions into one: Print, fax, scan, copy, staple, booklet making etc. without having to move from your spot – with the added bonus of saving space at the same time. Improved, cutting edge security built into modern MFDs as standard (such as McAfee embedded controls in most of your new generation Canon devices) means less time milling over security concerns and the requirement for controlling this manually.
  • 📡 Remote/Mobile Print Capability: One of the most standout trends we see emerging from the pandemic and the financial/economic impacts which ensued, is the evolution of what we know as the stereotypical office and the requirement for remote work/worker flexibility. To maintain organisational synergy, it’s crucial that these users (whether full or part time) are able to collaborate with on-site staff. Today’s MFD typically comes pre-equipped with compatibility to your better-known mobile and cloud printing platforms such as AirPrint®, Mopria™, Google Cloud Print™, Canon Business PRINT and their coveted uniFLOW print software. This allows staff and users to operate as though they’re right there with those who are on-site.
  • 💻 Document Digitisation: We all understand that the 21st century office has morphed into a hybrid combination of print and digital mediums – catering to this is crucial and a necessity for day-to-day operations, document transmission and management within the organisation in addition to ease of information/document transfer outside of your organisation. Your standard modern photocopier/MFD will have the capacity for creating hot folders, scanning a vast array of file types to USB/Mobile/Cloud, digitising and faxing documents all built in as standard – simplifying your document management through the same device used to create the files, eliminating overheads and saving on resources otherwise spent on managing files.
  • 🔒 Improved Document Security: Quite an overlooked benefit of implementing an MFD or updated office print solution is the fact that your new-age devices come with document security options as standard. Advancements in device firmware/operating systems allow in-built security features to patch holes/vulnerabilities, prevent hackers from accessing information, set permissions for documents, keep sensitive information secure internally and track activity in case a breach is ever discovered. This includes things like McAfee embedded controls, one-path document processing, authentication protocols, HDD encryption, app verification, TPM and secure boot correspondence – yet another time and resource saving improvement to business processes.
  • Ease Of Operation: Today’s office MFD is more advanced than you might think. With these cutting-edge advancements come a host of improvements to general usability, slashing the necessity for time and money-consuming training and service/support calls. Intuitive touch screens akin in feel and look to iPads make hands-on operation a breeze in tow with easy-to-follow wizards and simplistic menus which contain simple-to-find options/operations. Swipe card, one touch and mobile/cloud print keep things even more simplistic while customisable profiles allow you to set every user up to match their requirements and your unique work environment. We spoke about service and consumables earlier on too, the automation of your stock level monitoring and ordering process means this becomes something which occurs in the background with minimal time disruptions.
  • ♻️ Environmental Impact: This was another item briefly touched on earlier, the state and health of our planet is a massive talking point at the moment (and will be for years to come). As a result of this, many organisations have a fundamental requirement when it comes to business operations, procurement and keeping their carbon footprint to a minimum. At a base level, MFDs and office print solutions help to save space and energy by consolidating your office functions into a singular unit – what’s more important to note is that any unit purchased through i2i will come from our partners Canon and Kyocera, who both vehemently share a vision towards a sustainable future. Kyocera’s ECOSYS range is purpose-built to keep the Earth in mind, widely known for creating less waste and having a lower cost per print than any devices on the market comparable to them in terms of function and specs, including the unique one-of-a-kind innovation of a cartridge-free system. Other examples include safe and ready modes on devices as standard, remote shutdown capabilities, motion sensor/sleep recovery triggers, fusing technologies, the use of 100% recycled plastic for device parts and specialised ink technologies/low-melting-point toner – all specifically designed in order to minimise power requirements, energy consumption and the ecological impact of your office print.

Don’t waste any more time, take a look at our hand-selected list of products on the website or get in touch with the experienced team of print professionals at i2i Consulting today if you have any questions, specific requirements or are after a particular make/model device or solution – we’re always happy to lend a hand! We also proudly specialise in production and print room printers with a back-to-front, fundamental understanding of these beasts and their amazing potential for use across a variety of applications/environments.

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